Early Warning Linear Overheat Detection


What is SafeSelect?

SafeSelect is a new early warning linear overheat detection cable that allows you to detect fires much earlier than conventional linear heat detection systems.

Why SafeSelect?

  • Pre-Alarm and Alarm Levels
  • Selectable Alarm Temperature
  • Use with Any New or Existing Panel
  • Self Restorable
  • Early Warning
  • Up to 1640ft.(500m) Coverage

SafeSelect System Components:

SafeSelect is a new advanced linear overheat detection system that gives you multiple alarms and multiple temperatures all from a single cable. SafeSelect is a single advanced early warning linear overheat detection cable and interface unit designed to allow you to select from multiple alarm temperatures which can offer you earlier detection of an overheat condition. This extra time can safeguard your valuable equipment from damage. The interface unit monitors the sensor cable whose resistance changes as a function of temperature. An abnormal change in resistance along the heat detection cable triggers a Pre Alarm and Alarm based on the temperature you select. SafeSelect automatically adjusts to day/night and seasonal temperature changes. SafeSelect is designed to be simple and easy to install and is commissioned using a built-in self programming. When used as part of an addressable system, SafeSelect Early Warning Linear Overheat Detection cable should be connected onto the addressable loop using a switch or zone monitor. External power is not required for SafeSelect detection cable. Leader cable may be used between the interface unit and the addressable switch or zone monitor if the area requiring protection is some distance away.



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