Rate Of Change Linear Heat Detection


What is Safe R.O.C?

The SafeR.O.C. (Rate of Change Linear Detector,) is specifically designed to detect rapid increases and/or decreases in temperature.

Why SafeR.O.C.?

  • Detects Increases And/Or Decreases In Temperature
  • Automatic Calibration for Day/Night and Seasonal Changes
  • Up to 500ft. Per Zone
  • Simple Installation And Commission
  • Optional NXT Coating for Harsh Environments
  • Protective Metal Braid For Added Durability
  • Self-restoring. No Need To Replace Detection Cable

SafeR.O.C. System Components:

Safe R.O.C. is the newest offering in our family of linear detection cables. R.O.C. is a new linear rate-of-change detection system designed specifically to offer a highly sensitive and reliable solution to monitoring rapid increases and/or decreases in temperature over a short period of time.

Safe R.O.C. now gives you the ability to monitor for leaks in liquefied gas storage cylinders (including LNG storage tanks and pipelines) as well as fires in applications requiring protection against weather, internal condensation, moisture and explosive atmospheres. Safe R.O.C. consists of an ultra-sensitive detection cable and intrinsically safe interface module.

Housed in a tough poly-carbonate enclosure. A rapid drop in temperature, for example caused by a leak of liquefied natural gas onto the sensor cable will trigger an alarm. Equally, a rapid rise in temperature, for example caused by the ignition of a gas will trigger an alarm.


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