Low Pressure Water Mist Systems


The SECURIPLEX Water Mist system is a highly effective extinguishing system that uses water and air to generate a fine water droplet. The Water Mist system uses less water than standard sprinkler systems and provides equivalent or better extinguishing characteristics than gas but without hazard to personnel. Specifically, the Water Mist’s unique characteristics provide the user with:

Low water discharge

The Water Mist system uses less water per discharge than any conventional sprinkler. Post-discharge cleaning time is therefore negligible and consequential damages and losses are minimized. Operations can resume in the shortest time possible.

Highly effective extinguishment

The Water Mist system extinguishes the fire in seconds and, unlike gaseous systems, is highly effective even though limited ventilation is present.

Enviromentally friendly and safe for personnel

The Water Mist system simply uses water and air, which cause no potential risk for the environment or for personnel. Therefore the evacuation of personnel before a system discharge is not essential.

Low pressure

The SECURIPLEX FIRE SCOPE® 2000 Water Mist system operates at a low pressure of 75-85 psig which allows the use of standard piping and the connection to the plant water and air supply, when available. This provides almost unlimited protection time and eliminates the need for water tanks or bottles. Maintenance cost is therefore greatly reduced

Twin fluid

Twin fluid technology uses large water pathway nozzles. Mist is generated by air impingement as opposed to small orifices therefore minimizing the risk of nozzle clogging. The SECURIPLEX FIRE-SCOPE® 2000 water spray system is typically supplied as a fully integrated system including, control, detection and extinguishment, however the FIRE-SCOPE® 2000 can be integrated with an existing detection system.


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